Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carly turns ONE {Shawnee Mission Park}

Little Miss Carly is so precious!  I was honored to capture her 1 year old photos.  She is such a photogenic, outgoing, and adventurous girl.  We had a fun evening at Shawnee Mission Park with a gorgeous 80 degree weather in March.  We couldn't have been luckier.   Here's a sneak peak from our day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Impala Beauty

Dean's cousin Jason purchased a 1964 Impala from Florida.  Feeling a little head over heals --- we decided to take a few pictures to show y'all!  :)  Enjoy!

Jason posing with the new ride! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Antiques + First Friday

Yes, we are officially addicted to antiquing! Dean and I found our way downtown to hit some antique shops in West Bottoms at the Bottoms Up Antique Market for the First Friday event.  Basically the first Friday of each month they have a big event with antiques, art, music, wine and cheese.  I recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the chance to go!  It's a fun and different - plus it's free entertainment.  You can also get some great ideas for DIY projects.  We had a blast - there was a TON of great items - we were both feeling a little giddy after purchasing this bad boy.

 We love the detail on the piece.

Can you feel the love?  We plan on changing the color of it - Eventually!  We are thinking a light grey/white color and then doing some glazing over it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seasons of Marriage

Marriage--- My parents divorced when I was middle school age.  And that left a scar deep within me that I cannot explain except for the scar has turned into a passion for marriage that I believe God has given me.  It's the anguish that happened in my life that has turned into joy.  Marriage is not something that I expect to ever master or be an expert on, but something that I want to keep learning.  I long to have a lasting relationship with Dean and I believe it begins with God.  God being my #1 priority and Dean being my #2. 

Our church just finished up a series called - I Still Do - which impacted me greatly.  You can watch the entire series on the Indian Creek website.  I unfortunately had to miss the last sermon due to work, but was able to recently catch up. It talked about the different seasons of marriage and how each are very different - neither good nor bad - just different.  I encourage you to watch the sermon HERE.

 Seasons of Marriage
Marriage - 2 years: Young Love (where 2 become 1)
3-10 years of marriage: Realistic Love (Ideal becomes more real)
11-25 years of marriage: Comfortable Love (re-form individual identity)
26-35 years of marriage: Renewing Love (re-choose each other)
36 years and more of marriage: Transcendent Love (We really want to invest in each other)
*keep in mind some couples go thru these stages faster than others

One thing I'm going to steal from Pastor Gary is his prayer he prays for his wife, Belinda.  It's something Dr. Gary Chapman talked about in his marriage conference - praying for your spouse and with your spouse. 

The prayer that I'm going to start saying daily (Thanks to Pastor Gary):

I want to see Dean like You see him.
I want to see him through Your eyes.
I want to love him like You love him.
I want to love him with Your love.
I want to feel the love You have for him.
Lord, I allow You, God, to use me as a vehicle of Your love.
Help me know when to speak, when to listen, when to coach, when to contend, when to help and when to receive. 

Such a powerful message.  I just had to share it.  I pray my marriage can stay strong through the roller-coaster ups and downs of life.  

I love you Dean Shackley.

A Barn Window

I promised a blog post on our re-purposed barn window from the 50's!  We purchased it from the same antiques store as the shutter.  We got smokin' deals on both ideas.  Here it is - later than I promised - but it still made it to the blog!  :)


 Sanding - don't mind dean's "deformed" hand  ;)

Taping the glass off!

Priming the window


Some "Antiquing" to the window

Window hanging (waiting for pictures)

Happy Hump Day!  :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Hair

I'm headed back to Envy Salon for a little hair TLC with Nicole Davis!  I'm so excited, I have the best hair lady ever--- she's fabulous.  I have to be honest - getting my hair done is by far one of my most favorite things - besides going to the dentist.  I love getting my teeth cleaned!  So Thursday I get a bonus --- I have a dentist and hair appointment!

My problem is this:  Do I keep my hair dark?  Put a light highlight in or go back to being my blonde self?  Oh the problems I face. ha!  So I guess I'm taking a poll - to get an idea of what my friends and family think!  What do y'all like best?




So - what do you guys think?